It is a company that helps people dreams to be transformed into a reality too. All that you want can be brought to life with Resight Studio.That's why we are together.


Their essential role

They are the providers and helpers talking about video, cut scenes and this kind of work. This guys are amazing!


Resight Studio

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They created a hive. They connect people and ideas with the power of communication.
                                 It's 4bee,it's 4you!


They are builders!

They are essential for us and were one of the first partnerships we forged. They helped us build our community and make the connections we needed to succeed but more importantly they believed in us from the very beginning!



They are around the globe. The question is: who are they? People that have passion and talent. They are continuous improving your ideas or can make grow a new one even better. Their minimum result is perfection.


Imagining the future!

Thousands of game development studios exists, however Ironbelly was chosen because of the ethos and business systems they've developed. The way that they are helping us to succeed is by constantly reviewing, testing and improving our process in order to realize the best product possible!

Ironbelly Studios


Open positions

    3D character artist

-     Animator


-     Level Designer

Feel free to send it, whatever your skill is.


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