2023, February


The economic and politic systems simply broke. A collapse of all systems, theories, beliefs was happening, everything was just falling down. There was no official currency anymore or even a solid political ideology and with that the disorder just took out the urban centers. Every man was lost and alone.

2023, October

The governments created a pact to find an exit from all of that. The world needed organization, safety, new structures, a solid currency, better boundaries between countries, a reset. However, the disgrace showed herself as being more powerful than anything, killing the last trace of hope that was motivating a reconstruction. The climate was experiencing several variations, the north suffered a rough change, becoming hotter and the South, icier. Typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis and floods started to happen all over the world and one day the sky started to fall down at once.


There wasn't north, south, west or east anymore, people must be together, live together. The governments all around the world started to move their homes to a new area, a common one. This place was called Kalum. Every people was in misery but brought with them to that area what represent your origins, Kalum was a meaning of a new beggining.


So many people living in the same place started to impact the ambient. The resources were scarce and the government has changed. With some time, the government was planning to make an operation to establish and fortify itself to increase their power even more. In a month, the government started to facilitate the acquirement of guns and knifes to cause more conflicts and reduce population and when the chaos were unbearable, the population would ask and pressure for peace and then the government would, with power, "bring this peace" and with it they would be increasing their influence. As a result of the events, factions started to born and the misery to spread again. Welcome to hell.


"Murphy's Law"

"We Rise Again"

"The Downfall"

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