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OSTM is developing and investing heavily in marketing and social media, but they do need you to turn on your engines and start to be part of this pre-game-world coming ! So share in facebook, twitter, instagram and youtube and let's generate content and share our news around!



Start to collaborate with us!


                                         By Newsman.





OSTM is starting all the campaigns to make Stay Alive a living reality and bring it fully of quality, each more enchanting.

The campaigns will be available in:



•Directly Donation (website)

•Lei Rouanet (Brazilians only)*


*Para colaborar na política rouanet, o público terá de usar o método de destinação de fundos através do IR (Imposto de Renda).



Start to collaborate with us!


                                         By Newsman.



                          A beggining

This date is really important to us. We are expecting a lot what is to come and Stay Alive looks an interesting project that still have a lot to show!

The CEO, Thiago Melo said: "Launch this website, the campaign, the first teasers is show to the world what we are capable of, is show that we are one step to future! ". After that, we can barely wait for more project updates!


                                         By Newsman.



                          A wish

The year is almost ending...what I have to say to you is that we wish for this next days the maximum emotion, happiness and celebration! Live each moment, because what we are always trying is to be more, so start this year differently! If you think that you can not change the world, change yourself, because with that done, congrats, tou have changed the world.


                                        By Newsman.


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