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Stay Alive Game Desert

Everytime you will be vulnerable here. People in this environment are unmerciful, so if you want to survive, try to find a vehicle or be highly equipped and always be aggressive, because if not, the oppressors will take care of you if the sandstorm haven't made it yet.


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The "Sandy Desert"

Here you can collect food, natural resources and (maybe) find a shelter. However, you can be caught  off gard here and die faster than the leaves that fall.

"The Forest"

Stay Alive Game The Forest
Stay Alive Game Black Woods and character


Kill or be killed. If necessary you can camouflage,your chances will grow, but just a bit. Here the silence thrive like the smell of death and the sight of an end.

You are alone.

"Black Woods"

It's the environment that the government have more control. Some people call them as the pure "chaos". 


"The Valley"

"The Valley"

Stay Alive Game The Valley and Government Forces
Stay Alive Game The Abandoned City


Definitely the place where millions died. A city built to protect but in the end of the day, it fitted like a cage to get anyone distracted and to be killed.


Each environment have statues, cities or subdivisions. They are sights must-visit.That's why they can be a reference to your navigation through the map, but at the same time they can offer little "surprises"...

Stay Alive Fall Down Area
Stay Alive Desert

This is known as the "Fall Down" area(subdivision). In 2021, in the beggining of all, Brazil, Spain, Portugal and Belarus tried to deliver supplies many times to the civilians, but the government and oppressors took down all the aircrafts that were loading this resources.

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